About Our Classes

Classes are taught using positive reinforcement, the reward-based method using food as the reward. We want you to be sure our classes fit your needs. If you are unsure if a class is right for you or your dog, we are happy to speak with you or arrange a visit.

We Use the SMART Technique

S -> SEE (the desired behavior)
M -> Mark (Clicker or Verbal Marker - to let the dog know that is the behavior you liked)
A -> And
R -> Reinforce/Reward (Give your dog their reward)
T -> Training

What to Bring to Class

  • Leash : 6 ft standard flat leads,  (PLEASE No Chain or NO Flexi leashes on premise)
  • Collars: Flat collar (quick release or buckle) or Martingale, (limited slip) or Harness
  • Small soft treats in pea size pieces (some easy to swallow treats work best - cheese, hot dogs, etc.)

Class Policies: C&C SouthFork Acres


We encourage family members who will be participating in training your dog to attend class. However, for the safety of dogs and people we do not typically permit children under the age of twelve (12) to attend training classes without special consideration of your situation and the nature of the class. We have found that the attention span of young children can be shorter than that of puppies, and we want their parents to be able to fully concentrate on the class. If you would like your child to attend class and participate in your dog’s training, please call us to discuss your situation. Children can be good trainers but they do require special consideration in a class situation.

All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent, or legal guardian. If another adult will serve as the minor’s guardian during class, then we must have written permission from a parent or guardian authorizing that adult.

Multiple Dogs

For reasons of safety, we do not allow a single handler to bring multiple dogs to class without prior permission. If you have multiple dogs enrolled in the class, please ensure that you have multiple handlers—one for each dog.


Refunds are issued prior to the start of class if, and only if, we can fill your place in class and we have received a minimum of three business days’ notice. Should we be able to issue you a refund, a 10% processing fee will be deducted from the amount refunded. We regret that we are unable to refund any portion of the class fees once class has commenced with our first session. For these reasons, please think seriously about your schedule and commitment to training, and your dog’s suitability for group classes, before enrolling in our classes.


C&C SouthFork Acres reserves the right to terminate the training contract at any time before or during its term if the trainer at his/her sole discretion determines a hazard or threat of any nature to any other animal or person is present. Should the trainer or owner terminate the training contract at any time prior to completion, all fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If you are not sure if your dog is a suitable candidate for a group class, please contact us before you register for class so we can schedule an evaluation.

Training Method

Our training method is based on the principles of positive reinforcement. Therefore, we do not permit the use of choke, prong (pinch), or electronic collars in class. We reserve the right to dismiss any participant from class, without refunding any portion of the class fee, if they persist in treating their dogs in ways that might cause physical or psychological harm.

Vaccinations and Flea Control

For dogs 4 months and older, Rabies, DHPP (distemper-parvo), and bordetella are required before your dog participates in a class and your dog must be current on vaccinations and free of any internal or external parasites.

For puppies under 4 months old, Puppies must have received minimum of one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to the first class (often called DHPP), 1 round of Bordatella (if intranasal, 4 days before class) and free of any internal or external parasites.

Many puppy vaccination packages do not include the Bordatella vaccination so please ask your veterinarian about this additional vaccination and IF THIS CLASS IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR PUPPY. We require a copy of these records that we can keep. Please check with your veterinarian to be sure your dog is current on all shots.


Video or photos of class may be taken occasionally for training/teaching and marketing purposes. I hereby acknowledge that I, my dog and my family may be included in class video posted C&C SouthFork Acres (wagitwithus.com) website. All video and photos are the property of C&C SouthFork Acres. Please let us know prior to the start of class if you do not wish to be photographed or on video.